How Lawns Can Prove To Be Great For The Bees

Lawns can offer us an excellent opportunity provided we do not apply pesticides to them. As per the situation, you can opt for making a meadow from a large grassed area or even grow some wildflowers in a small patch. There are several things that you must consider in case you would like to convert an entire area and these will include comprehending the soil conditions as well as the light and it is likewise imperative to have a native flower mix. You can always get valuable suggestions from suppliers depending on the particular situation. We are going to present a generic information in this article with several useful ideas. Although it might not be a great idea to have tall flowers or long grass for bees, you will nevertheless find some easy ways for making a lawn for them. It is essential to bear in mind that wildflowers can also be included in the flower border. Sometimes it is important to follow the standard rules which we are familiar with while filling the borders. However, we need to be practical in spite of the fact that lawns are awesome for the bees. Before starting, try to figure out what is practical according to the situation. In case there are kids in your residence there is a possibility for them to get stung by these insects. If it happens so, it would be best to abandon the idea till they become more mature; otherwise, you might also consider reserving a specific patch intended for the bees. You must also teach the kids regarding the importance of wearing footwear while observing these insects. Although these bugs are not going to sting anybody intentionally one cannot rule out an accident in case he or she accidentally steps on any bee. Also, you must be aware of the poisonous types of bees.

Below, we will present you with a few ideas on how to create a patch that will be wonderful for these insects.

Make A Clover Lawn – It has got a number of advantages for both human beings as well as bees.

  • Bees, particularly, bumblebees are simply fond of clover.
  • It emits a fantastic aroma.
  • Although some mowing is required your lawn nevertheless appears fantastic and you simply need to mow it twice or thrice every year.
  • An awesome green covering is provided by it when there is a scarcity of rainfall. After the lawn is mown, you can easily add the clippings to the compost heap which will help to create natural fertilizer for the plants in your backyard. The clippings can likewise be used as much.

Make a Wildflower Meadow – Many wildflowers can also be accommodated in small spaces which will provide the essential pollen as well as nectar for the butterflies plus the bees.

Planting Approach – It will be a smart idea to add several wildflowers as plants in different places in your garden. You might even sow the seeds on your own while avoiding the use of any harmful chemicals.

This method can be beneficial in several ways:

  • When it comes to the plants, it would have been extremely difficult otherwise to establish them.
  • There is no need for you to wait for a considerable period of time to establish the wildflowers.
  • You will be able to exercise more control while growing these plants in the lawn.

The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

What’s more natural than a lavish green lawn? All things considered, on account of the engineered manures and mystery equation weed-executioners consistently dumped on lawns the nation over, a great deal of things. Nature as of now gives all that we have to make our lawns wonderful. So why does the Environmental Protection Agency gauge that aggregately, U.S. families dump about 90 million pounds of herbicides and pesticides on their lawns consistently, generally made up of puzzle chemicals?

The regular lawn mind industry has persuaded thousands regarding mortgage holders that the best way to get flawless grass is to apply manufactured compost three or four times a season. Not exclusively is that somewhat over the top, it’s likewise normally more mischief to the earth than it is great. You (and your neighbors) will be amazed to find that you can have a thick, rich swath of green without harmful medicines. You’ve officially gone natural in the kitchen with your drain and your deliver… why not attempt it in the yard? Consider these advantages…

More eco-friendly 

Engineered manures and mix compost herbicides are artificially handled into a concentrated, water-dissolvable bolster that are accessible to plants quickly. Be that as it may, when there is more than the grass can take up, the abundance washes out of the root zone and into our watersheds. Each late spring in the Gulf of Mexico, a zone generally the measure of Connecticut is gagged with immense green growth and phytoplankton blossoms, due to some degree to the huge amounts of manure spillover from the Mississippi River. As the green growth passes on and decomposes, it goes through water’s oxygen, making the region dreadful for ocean life. The wellspring of the contamination is widespread to the point that few mainland states and Canadian areas have forced bans on phosphorous manures.

More human friendly 

The earth is the main thing that can experience the ill effects of a manufactured lawn mind items. A standout amongst the most widely recognized herbicides in weed and nourish items, a substance called 2,4-D, has been connected to human medical issues, including an expanded hazard for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Parkinson’s malady and adolescence leukemia. Besides, makers are not legitimately required to reveal their items’ inactive fixings which can incorporate hurtful amounts of substantial metals. Idle fixings in a lawn substance won’t slaughter your weeds yet there is no assurance that they will be nontoxic to you or your pets.

More creature friendly 

Herbicides and pesticides from lawns get into our immediate water supply alongside our seas. An investigation of 12 urban streams in one metro zone discovered 2,4-D in each stream and 23 unique sorts of pesticides, incorporating five in focuses sufficiently high to murder amphibian life. Of the 30 most ordinarily utilized lawn pesticides, 16 posture genuine risks to feathered creatures, 24 are lethal to fish and sea-going living beings and 11 affect honey bees, nature’s little composts!

Your backyard porch thoughts can form into a superb range giving unwinding and a zone to eating and appreciating warm summer days. Regardless of whether you utilize yard stones, a wooden deck region, or another sort of ground surface for the porch, this will be a territory that is intensely utilized by you and your family. You will find that your lawn mind makes it feasible for the extent of your home to really increment. You will never again think about the area of your home as consummation with the dividers. It will now incorporate your whole yard as you will invest a lot of energy getting a charge out of the outside in your own common garden.

You can read a lot more of the many benefits of lawn care here!


Best Bee Box

Beekeepers should have best bee box for bees. Different types of bee boxes will be discussed in detail, and people will have a wide range to choose from.

Langstroth Hive

It is the best bee hive. It has many accessories, and it is made up, of quite heavy boxes, and many resources are available for the same. It frames are movable. It has low maintenance cost. In cases of any anticipation of the growth of the colony, boxes can be added in prior. It as well has low purchasing cost. It is quite heavy and not easily lifted.

Top Bar Hive

It is another best bee box. Fairly straightforward and easy to access. It has a few accessories, and it is not heavy to lift it at all. Cheaper to maintain and also less costly. The colony is improved by the natural and also foundationless combs.

Warre Hive

It an ideal bee hive with light boxes and also straightforward and easier to manage. The boxes are easily added on the bottom in the spring making it simpler to maintain. The addition of boxes in time leads to comparable production to Langstroth. Just like top bar bee hive, the colony health is improved by natural, functionless combs.

Legacy Diy Starter Kit

It is a beautiful bee hive that many beekeepers prefer currently. It arrives when it is entirely manufactured and fully assembled. It is cheaper to maintain and also more inexpensive to purchase it. It is highly durable since it is made of steel. It is made up of hose fittings, hammer, grinding stones.

Mann Lake HK160

It is made up of 10 frames which are laid with a waxed plastic rite cell foundation that facilitates organization. It is the best bee box. It is readily available, and customers can easily access them.

Maintenance cost is highly affordable, and it does not involve many complications. It can as well be stacked to make a larger bee hive, and it is also necessary to furnish the wood.

Flow Classic

It is one of the best-designed bee colonies to use. It is delivered when it is flat packed and ready to be assembled for use. It also eases the extraction of honey from the box and not complicated at all. Extraction of honey does not cause any disturbance to the bees at all, as they remain in their position. It is highly constructed with cedar.

Mann Lake HK110

It is one of the best bee boxes that comes fully packed containing everything necessary for the user. It as well has a manual that guides the user on how to use it. It also has a study dome-topped smoker, a handy veil protection that prevents one from bee bites. It also has leather gloves that serve the same purpose. It is a great hive for first timers and is painted to prevent any distractions say by termites. It also has a telescoping metal cover that enables the user to view inside.

The best bee boxes have been discussed in detail. Beekeepers have a broad range of list they can choose from for efficient honey harvesting.

Bee’s and their importance

Bees are flying insects that can be closely related to wasp and ants. They play a major role in pollination. Pollination is the process of transferring the pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to a female stigma so that they can create offspring. As per some research it has been concluded that bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. They are also said to be very hard working because of their laborious work of collecting nectar from flowers and travelling long distances just to collect nectar. Research has also shown that because of their invaluable pollinating services they have produced approximately $19 Billion worth of agricultural crops.

Bees are of various types, there are said to be around 25,000 different type of bee species in the world. All of these species dutifully serve as pollinators in the agricultural world. Bees being such a small insect play a huge rule in our Eco system. If bees stopped pollinating then some foods available to us would not be available for us. Some examples of such foods are: Pumpkin, Apples, Almond, Cherries and many more, and the most important thing we won’t have their saccharine honey. They also save some honey to feed their young ones in their winter season when there is lack of food. Bees live in colonies and those colonies contain the queen bee, the worker bees and the drone. Both the queen bee and worker bee are female but only the queen can reproduce or in simple term give birth to babies, and the worker bees take care of the offspring while the drone’s job is to only mate with the queen. Bees contribute a lot to flora, they beautify the floral landscape and provide habitats for other animal also like insects and birds.

Some may think bees to be unimportant or irrelevant but they silently provide a lot of things to human being. They are significant to our survival in this globe. Each and every thing in the Eco system is connected, even a small insect makes a big difference to our environment. While we ruin what we have got, they nourish and cherish this world. If bees won’t be their we will have a loss of $170 billion globally because of no crop pollination. But beyond their monetary value they also make an invaluable contribution to eco system around the world. We can call the guardians of the food chain. While they need flower for food, flowers need them to reproduce. Some also say that if ”the bee disappears from the surface of this globe then the human being will jsut have four more years to live”. In short we can say we are inter-dependent on them for being alive. Even ancient people around the world from time immemorial have referred to bees and their value in this eco system. Without the help of bees we will have a global loss on crop production, we will lose their sweet honey, our flora and fauna, and our beautiful environment. People have now started realizing their importance and have started protecting those species which are going to be extinct.

The Scout Bee – Backbone of the hive and the foundation of the colony

Bee’s are definitely one of mother nature’s greatest gifts to mankind and to herself. Honey probably comes to your mind when you first think of bees, and perhaps the painful stings you’ve endured from getting too close to a bee hive. But that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to thinking about the different ways in which bees help us and how we would be lost without them.

Bee’s impact on our lifestyle is more than just elemental. We obtain a wide array of products including bees wax, nectar and various cosmetic products with the help of bees and their hives. Furthermore, bees help to pollinate the flowers of plants thereby playing a key and vital role in the reproductive life of a plant.

It might come as a surprise to some people, how a large population of seemingly chaotic insects are able to achieve a lot more than what they were intended for. The answer lies in the order and discipline that is deeply ingrained into every single member of the hive.

Every bee, whether it is the queen, a worker or a drone, has it’s own responsibilities and duties. Slacking off is simply not an option for these mini-sized hard workers. The different classes, or more indigenously called castes, of bees have their own morphological differences which helps them better function in their pre-assigned roles.

The worker bees for instance are small, nimble and agile giving them great mobility to move in and around the crooks and corners of the hive. The drones have powerful flight muscles helping them cover the surveillance area much more faster and efficiently. The queen has a larger than normal size abdomen which aids her in laying her own body weight in eggs every day.

Even if a single class of bees decides to take the day off from work, the entire hive would fall into chaos and subsequently collapse. Thus every single bee, among thousands of it’s brothers and sisters, though it may seem insignificant, has its own purpose and role to play in the well oiled machinery which is the hive. Every bee, though strong in its own responsibility, depends on its brothers and sisters to help it with other things. For example, the drone bee, equipped with powerful flight muscles and large eyes, is best suited for surveillance and recon. However it depends on the worker bees to feed it, clean it and take care of it. The worker bees in turn depend on the drones to accurately report enemy attacks or maybe a viable field of flowers and to mate with the queen bee so as to preserve the colony.

Thus each bee depends on the other bees of the colony for its survival. This is what enables the colony to function successfully and in co-ordination.

Among such classes of bees, is another highly important caste, the scout bees. The scout bees are a type of worker bee. These scout bees form what is essentially the backbone of the colony by performing several important roles. Some of which include :

– Surveillance duties 

Searching for new access to food and looking for new places to establish a brand new colony are the primary roles of a scouter bee.

– Scent communication

– Ritualistic communication by dancing.

Thus every single bee performs an integral role in the proper functioning of the colony. Whether the life span of a bee ranges from a couple of weeks (as in the case of drones) or to several years (some queen bees), the bees end their lives knowing that they’ve done their part in helping the propagation of their hive and consequently their species.

Attracting Bee’s to garden

The importance of bees to the world’s ecosystem is well documented and over the past few years is getting increasing attention in main stream media. This is mainly down to a collapse in the bee population. Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD has devastated the bee population.

The cause of the problem is not known exactly but research indicates that bee’s ability to navigate back to a hive is impaired through the use of certain pesticides. Habitat loss and a series of bad Summers is also having an adverse impact on the bee population.

The decline in the bee population is not something that most people give much consideration to. However this may change as the production of certain food crops is adversely impacted. Bees play an essential part in the pollination process by ferrying pollen from one plant to another. Apples, pears, carrots and onions are a few of the basic food crops that depend on bees for survival.

Gardeners, farmers and suburban households can all play a part in the revival of the bee population by developing habitats sympathetic to bees. So what can be done.


Bees find it difficult to fly in breezy conditions, so if possible find a sheltered area in your garden and reserve it for nectar plants. tall shrubs and trees can help act as “windbreaks”


Believe it or not some varieties of bees nest in the ground so in the sheltered area you have developed don’t be over enthusiastic about tidying up. let the grass grow a little longer than usual or leave taller clumps that will be attract bees. For bees that do not nest on the ground there home of choice is something like a dead tree trunk. Unfortunately you cannot just conjure up a tree trunk from nowhere but you could purchase a man made beehive.


Honey bees love simple dish shaped flowers. Plants that are “showy” with a multitude of colourful petals are not much good to bees as they cannot get at the nectar. marigolds, apples, hollyhocks and fennel are just some of the plants that bees will be able to extract food from. When choosing plants to attract bees you should select plants at a variety of heights. By doing so, the bees will be able to stick to the smaller bedding plants on windy days.

Bees also need plenty of water so if you do not have one already the addition of a bird bath in or around your “bee sanctuary” is a must.

Attracting bees and developing a hive in your garden may seem like a thankless task but believe me it is far from it. Not only will you be helping the overall ecosystem in your neighboring but you will also harvest some delicious honey. If you have kids do not let it be an excuse to postpone the development of the hive. By explaining all the factors that need to be considered to your children they will get a real understanding of just how complex nature is and the benefits of living in harmony with it.

Bee Keeping for Gardens Benefits and Tips

Bee keeping for gardens is an activity that has gained a lot of popularity among many people. It is a cost effective activity that offers several benefits that you cannot imagine. Therefore, if you are planning to start this project in your garden, you need to go ahead. Below are some of the major benefits you get from bee keeping in your garden and how to do it effectively.

Save money 

One of the greatest benefits you get is that you save a lot of money you would otherwise spend to buy honey from your local store. With good maintenance, your bees will produce a lot of honey and the good thing is that you get it when it is still fresh. In addition to saving money on honey, you also save on wax because you produce it from your garden. You will get wax that you are sure that it is pure bees wax.

Increase your crop production

Most of the vegetables and other crops that we eat get pollinated by bees. It is also worth noting that even those garden crops that have the ability to pollinate themselves produce more when pollinated by honey bees. Therefore, if you have many other crops in your garden, you can expect to enjoy more production because of the presence of bees in your garden. Some of the crops that benefit more include pumpkins, avocados, onions, cucumbers, oranges and grapefruit.

Contribute to initiatives to save bees

There are a lot of initiatives worldwide that are geared towards saving bees from getting extinct. Therefore, bee keeping for gardens is a great activity that will ensure that you are part of those putting effort to boost bees’ population. It is also a great way to try to reestablish some of the lost colonies of bees.


To enjoy the above benefits, there are certain things you need to do. Here are some of these things.

Make your garden bee friendly

One of the most important things you need to do is to make your garden bee friendly. Make sure there are enough flowers that will keep the bees just near your garden. If there are no flowers nearby, they might be forced to move far to find flowers.

Install a bee bath

Bees require fresh water for their survival and in production of honey. Therefore, make sure there is a water source where they can get water readily. It is also advisable that you refresh
the water regularly for hygienic purposes.

Position the hive in the right way

It is good to note that the way you positive your bee hive will determine greatly your success. The best way is to place it in back gardens away from area there might be a lot of noise such swimming pool, footpath, garage among others. You need to place it in a place with good
drainage and where the bees can get the right amount of sunlight.

Bottom line

If you have issues you do not understand you need to ask for expert advice in order to succeed in your bee keeping for gardens project.

The benefits of bees in Your garden

To some, beekeeping may seem like a very odd past time. After all, the majority of people will run a mile when they see a sole bee coming near, and therefore having a whole swarm of bees constantly in your garden may not be particularly appealing.

However, many people forget that bees are unlikely to sting indiscriminately since stinging you will end their life, and that it is wasps who are far more likely to sting you. In reality, keeping bees is an extremely rewarding pastime and one that, whilst fairly unpopular of late, has seen a healthy resurgence over the past few years.

The first benefit is an obvious one – bees produce honey and not only does this give those keeping bees regular access to completely natural honey whenever they want, but it also potentially gives them a great source of income should they choose to sell on the vast amount of honey they are likely to get.

Bees are also extremely useful for anyone who wishes to have a lush garden. Since bees pollinate the plants in our gardens, the ability to create the most beautiful garden will be vastly improved by having numerous bees on hand to do that pollinating for you.

Whether we believe in the potency of bee pollen towards one’s health or not, it cannot be denied that this natural medication has served literally countless numbers of men and women throughout the centuries. For people who are inclined to hypersensitive reactions, many doctors and medical professionals suggest bee pollen as a way to produce a solid and healthy immune system. Although, for those who encounter serious hypersensitive reactions to bee stings and venom, an appointment with the local doctor beforehand is strongly advised.
Pollen for Psychological Health

Finally, an additional element to bee pollen is that it doesn’t just helps with bodily health and wellness but psychological health also. In a lot of instances, stress is caused by an unbalance of chemicals within your body and this can be caused by things such as a poor diet and lack of nourishment.

As bee pollen consists of all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs, bee pollen is a great way to balance the chemicals in the human body. In actuality, many practitioners advise bee pollen to afflicted individuals of depression along with other related psychological diseases

There are also many other benefits of beekeeping that will vary from person to person. It is educational, extremely fun and entertaining and it is rare to find any other animal or insect that behaves in such a unique and fascinating way. Many people extol the stress-relieving benefits of the hobby and it is also something that can lead to many health benefits, both in terms of improved oxygenation due to the lush plant life available and also due to the ability to use honey as a food and as a medicine.

Ultimately, bees can be extremely productive, but they can also be a fascinating and healthy companion too.